Terms of warranty

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The warranty period for ISUZU vehicles is 60 months or 120,000 km, whichever occurs first (except as described in the “Limited Warranty Coverage” section)


Limited scope of warranty NON-WARRANTY CASES


The following cases are not covered by the warranty, except in cases of manufacturing defects:

Regular maintenance

Routine work performed during smooth maintenance, dyadic and adjustment work:

  • Engine adjustment
  • Clutch adjustment
  • Headlight adjustment
  • Tire rotation
  • Adjusting wheel alignment angles
  • Wheel balancing
  • Door components adjustment

(except for those associated with work performed under warranty), work on cleaning vehicle systems (for example, flushing the fuel, lubrication or cooling system of the engine), as well as materials consumed in this case:

Refilling (operating) materials
  • Oils (Engine, transmission)
  • Steering fluid
  • Brake and clutch fluid
  • Antifreeze
  • Refrigerant
  • Electrolyte
  • Lubricants

Except in cases where during warranty repairs they require topping up (with the exception of diesel fuel).

Parts requiring periodic replacement
  • Filters and filter elements (air, fuel, cabin, oil, etc.)
  • Refill fluids and lubricants
  • Lamps
  • Fuses
  • Wiper blades
  • Clutch drive disc and driven disc
  • Brake linings, pads, drums and discs
  • Drive belts
Parts subject to heavy wear

The warranty does not cover the repair or replacement of the following, but not limited to this list, elements, parts and materials that are subject to natural wear and tear during normal use, and that fail due to normal wear and tear:

  • Springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Bumpers
  • Glass
  • Interior details
  • Soft covering

Also not covered by the warranty are normal wear and tear of parts, natural aging and deterioration of the coating of parts, paint layers, rubber parts, upholstery and finishing as a result of the environment and normal use, failure of fuel system parts due to the use of low-quality fuel.

Damage due to environmental influences

Damage to the vehicle from industrial, chemical or other airborne emissions, salt, deicing agents, plant sap, pollen, strong wind, lightning or other environmental factors is not covered by the warranty.

Damage caused by improper use

Damage or malfunction caused by improper use of the following nature is not covered by the warranty:

  • Operating a vehicle in violation of the requirements of the Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Neglect of routine maintenance
  • Using a car in races, rallies and other sporting events
  • Use of unsuitable or contaminated fuel oils or filling fluids
  • Exceeding the permissible load
  • Operating a faulty vehicle if the fault is known to exist
  • Low battery
  • Additional equipment or attachments not approved by the manufacturer have been installed on the vehicle.
Minor manifestations

Weak extraneous sounds, noise, vibration that do not affect the characteristics and performance of the vehicle and its elements, the formation of oil stains in the areas of oil seals and seals that do not affect oil consumption and do not lead to a drop in the oil level in units, and also gaps between body parts that are within acceptable limits:

Warranty for individual items

Rechargeable batteries. The warranty period for batteries is 1 (one) year.

Tires. The warranty for tires originally installed on ISUZU vehicles is provided by the tire manufacturer. If a material defect is discovered during operation of an ISUZU vehicle, you should contact the tire manufacturer directly to file a claim.

Additional expenses

The Manufacturer’s warranty does not provide compensation for any economic losses, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Compensation for lost time or lost profits
  • Compensation for telephone calls, taxi, replacement car, food, accommodation, storage and other consequential loss or damage
  • Compensation for inconveniences associated with the inability to operate the vehicle
Paint warranty

The paintwork warranty is valid for 60 months or 120,000 km*, excluding cases of paintwork damage resulting from an accident, gravel thrown from under wheels, scratches as a result of external influences, damage resulting from acid rain or other chemical precipitation, inappropriate means for protecting body paintwork.

*The warranty does not cover the paintwork of chassis components.

Guaranteed against perforation corrosion

The warranty against through corrosion is valid for 72 months*, with the exception of damage (dents, chips, scratches) resulting from external mechanical influences (gravel flying out from under wheels, scratches from tree branches, etc.), damage to as a result of chemical precipitation, air pollution, surface or cosmetic corrosion as a result of the application of inappropriate products to protect the body paint.

*The warranty does not cover corrosion or through corrosion of exhaust system components and body (cargo compartment).

Warranty for original spare parts

The warranty period for original spare parts purchased from ISUZU Dealers is 1 year, starting from the date of sale of the original spare part by the Dealer.


1. To carry out scheduled maintenance or to eliminate a defect, you must contact an official ISUZU Dealer. Malfunctions resulting from servicing or repairs not provided by an authorized Dealer, as well as the use of spare parts, consumables and lubricants not supplied and/or recommended by the Manufacturer, are not covered by the Manufacturer’s warranty.


2. When contacting the Dealer for scheduled maintenance or repairs, you must provide this Service Book.


3. The owner is responsible for timely and proper maintenance of the vehicle in accordance with the maintenance schedule and list of works given in the Operation and Maintenance Manual, as well as in this Service Book.


4. The owner must keep all documents with notes on the work performed, since in some cases it may be necessary to confirm the fact of certain work.

5. The owner is responsible for the consequences of damage and malfunctions caused by operating the vehicle with an insufficient amount of filling fluids and lubricants, warning lamps and malfunction indicators are on.


1. Pre-sale preparation. In order for your car to be fully prepared for operation, the Dealer, before handing over the car, carries out a set of pre-sale preparation works regulated by the manufacturer.

2. Warranty repair. If the defect is a case covered by the warranty, all parts and components will be installed by the Dealer’s Service Center free of charge. In this case, the Vehicle Owner has the right to contact any ISUZU Dealer of his choice.


3. In accordance with the terms of warranty service, if the defect is caused by a manufacturing defect or low-quality materials, the defective parts and assemblies are replaced or repaired. The manufacturer reserves the right to independently determine the required scope of work and method of troubleshooting during warranty repairs.

4. The concepts of “defect” and “damage” have different meanings. Defects are covered by warranty since the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of materials and workmanship. For damage caused by improper operation, poor maintenance or accident, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible and does not cover damage caused by such damage under warranty.


5. All parts and components removed from the vehicle and replaced under warranty become the property of the Manufacturer.


6. All parts and components installed on the vehicle during warranty repairs are covered by a warranty limited to the general warranty period for the vehicle.

The information provided in this section may differ from the conditions specified in the Service Book.